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Wine Shipment Policy

This is our new revised wine shipping policy effective immediately.


Many states have recently changed their shipping laws so you must contact me before ordering any wine. Because of the restrictions, most of the time I can only ship within Pennsylvania. Also, some wines may be sold out.

The minimum number of bottles we will ship is 12 (one case).  Wine must be ordered in increments of one or more cases (e.g., 12 bottles, 24 bottles, etc.)

Due to standard shipment cases we use, We cannot ship odd numbers of wine bottles, so shipments must be 12, 24,  or 36 bottles etc.

Due to recent shipping polices in Pennsylvania, which include a new shipping tax, we must now charge a $16.00 per case fee for shipping and handling.  This will be added to your invoice.

For home deliveries, someone over 21 years of age will need to be home in order to sign for the delivery.  We cannot set time of delivery and FEDEX WILL NOT leave the wine unless an adult signs for it.  Fedex will not leave any wine deliveries with neighbors or anyone else other than the person on the  delivery label.  We will not be responsible for any wine that cannot be delivered due to no one being at home to sign for it, and thus it is easier if you just pick it up at the local Fedex Office.  These are usually a few miles away from your location.

We cannot give any discounts or special rates for any wine that we ship.  

If you would like us to ship some wine to you,  send an email to this address, with the following information: Your name, age, state residence, type of wine, number of bottles of each (must be 12, 24, etc) and cell number.  I will get back to with all the details and then you can select the wines and pay for them online  

Please allow at least 7 days for any shipments.  If there any time limits, let me know on your initial email.

We cannot ship any wine without your cell or home telephone number!



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WHITE WINES (Listed Dry to Sweet)
1. Vidal Blanc ($12.99).  A dry wine with a hint of acidity that goes well with fresh Pecorino cheese, fish, or white meats. A great alternative to Chardonnay.
2. Chardonnay ($13.49). A dry white wine that is crisp, cool, and delicious! Aged in stainless steel tanks, not oak. Citrus in a bottle. Try it with your favorite fish or chicken dish. It’s a great sipping wine for parties.
3. Pinot Grigio ($13.49). An Italian-style dry white wine that’s a great summer drink. Try it with pasta and your favorite fish dish.
4. Dry Riesling ($13.99). Our Dry Riesling is crisp with a bright acidity, great structure, and flavor. This wine complements most foods. It’s out of this world good!
5. Traminette ($12.99). This offspring of Gewurztraminer and Johannes Seyve is off-dry and has a great floral and spicy taste. Try it with Asian chicken dishes!
6. Cayuga White ($13.49). A light, crisp, and clean wine that isn’t too sweet or too dry. Great for any palate and pairs well with all types of cheese or with white meats.
7. Semi Riesling ($13.99). This is a German-style summer wine that has a hint of sweetness. It’s one of the most versatile wines and can be paired with spicy foods, pork, sweet and sour dishes, or even Mexican.
8. White on White ($14.99). WOW! This is a delicately sweet wine with a one-of-a-kind flavor. You can’t buy this anywhere except here and it’s our bestselling white!
9. Catawba ($12.49). Fresh and sweet! It has a great citrus flavor and wonderful bouquet. Serve it over peaches or strawberries.
10. White Delight ($13.49). This is a white sangria-type wine, except better! Mix it with frozen fruit or have it for dessert. It tastes just like a Margarita!
11. Niagara ($12.49). Sweet and fruity! Drink it after dinner with your favorite dessert or with aged cheese. This is a great sipping wine that you can drink every day. It tastes like liquid grapes!
12. Pink Orchid ($11.99). Our rosé is sweet and resembles the flavor of White Zinfandel.
13. Big Apple ($11.99). Big and bold, just like the city. Slightly spiced, this 100% Pennsylvania apple wine is like drinking apple pie.
14. Pink Passion ($7.99-375mL). Contains real pink grapefruit. Delicious on its own or served with brunch!
15. Strawberry Fields ($12.99). Named in honor of my favorite Beatle, John Lennon. Let us take you back! A juicy and sweet strawberry wine blend.
16. Raspberry Delight ($15.99). Tastes just like eating freshly picked raspberries! Delicious!
17. Pomegranate Splash ($14.99). A sweet-tart ruby wine. Try it now; it sells fast!
18. Tutti-Frutti (13.99). Oh Rudy! Tutti-Frutti means “every fruit” in Italian, and that’s exactly what you get with this wine. It tastes like tart cherry pie. This wine will make you want to dance!
19. Black on Black ($15.99). Blackberry and Pinot Noir. Our top selling fruit wine! Don’t wait because it sells out quickly.
20. Blue on Blue ($14.99). If you remember the song, sing it! Blueberry and blue-purple grapes.
Bottles are 750mL unless noted.
RED WINES (Listed from Dry to Sweet)*
21. Simply Red Number 1 ($13.99). This dry red blend features Malbec and showcases strong tannins. Best served with food like red meat, stew, or strong cheeses.
22. Simply Red Number 3 ($13.99). A dry blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. My Pennsylvania Bordeaux. Nice and dry with a smooth finish. It goes great with meat and strong blue cheese.
23. Cabernet Sauvignon ($13.99). Dry, with just a hint of oak. A nice smooth finish that you will love with pasta, pizza, or red meat. It’s also great with cheddar or blue cheese.
24. Cabernet Franc ($13.99). A medium-bodied dry wine full of fruit. This red goes well with meat, hearty soups, or aged cheeses.
25. Spectacullari ($13.99). This is our best-selling dry red. The first sip is fruity and then it ends dry. Try it with pasta, red meat, or pizza.
26. Old Country Red ($13.99). An old family secret blend of various grapes. A dry wine with a smooth finish. Try it with any Southern Italian dish, meats, and aged cheeses.
27. KeyONtee ($13.99). Can you say Chianti? We can’t so we changed the spelling. Try it with pasta, pizza, or burgers.
28. My Daily Red ($12.99). Exactly what the name says!
29. Merlot ($13.99). Lightly oaked with a dry, yet fruit-forward taste that complements meat, cheese, or veal… Or enjoy it on its own!
30. Pinot Noir ($13.99). The hero of the movie “Sideways!” It’s light, fruity, and goes well with a variety of foods.
31. Simply Red Number 2 ($12.99). A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Sangiovese grapes. This unique wine is semi-sweet and oaked!
32. Sweet Chambourcin ($12.99). A sweet, fruity, and distinctive wine. One of the most popular hybrid grape wines in Pennsylvania. It’s wonderful with aged cheeses.
33. Concord ($11.99). A sweet wine that is wonderful as an after-dinner drink, either alone or with desserts. You’ll think you are drinking grapes!
34. Flaming Red ($12.99). This customer favorite is a blend of Concord and Niagara grapes. As delicious as it sounds!  $1.00 per bottle donated to local fire departments.

Wine Discounts:


· 6-11 bottles = 5% off

· 1-2 cases = 10% off

· 3-9 cases = 15% off

· 10+ cases = 20% off


Bring your tasting room glass with you on a return visit and receive half off your tasting!


No returns on wine unless approved by management.


35. Sweet Kiss ($8.49-375mL). A wonderful Port-style dessert wine that you can drink after dinner alone or with your favorite fruits, cheese, or pastries. Sweet start with a smoky finish. One taste and you’ll fall in love.
36. Derry Berry ($15.99-500mL). A 100% blackberry Port-style wine that’s simply delicious! Don’t go home without it.
37. Coco Nostra ($15.99-500mL; $11.99-375mL “From Hershey, with Love” bottle). Our NUMBER ONE selling wine since its release in 2011! A chocolate wine made in the sweetest place on Earth! Serve it room temperature or chilled. Don’t be fooled with imitations… Ours is the best!
The following two carbonated wines are NOT AVAIILABLE FOR SAMPLING.
38. Blueberry Bubbly ($17.99). A special bubbly for special occasions. It has an intense blueberry flavor and is semi-sweet.
39. Passionate Peach ($17.99). Sweeter than a summer’s day. Great enjoyed alone or served with brunch.
*Red wines #21-29 are all dry.
Bottles are 750mL unless noted.